Using the OnPoint API with Postman

OnPoint® Weather is available on demand via the OnPoint API ensuring immediate access to hyper-local global analytics grade weather data.

Postman is a powerful GUI platform for faster and easier API development.

Installing the OnPoint API Collection

Download and install a copy of Postman from

Once installed, click the “Run in Postman” button above.

Select the installed Postman application (Postman for Chrome or Postman for Mac/Windows/Linux) from the prompt.

Postman will open and import the OnPoint API collection.

Configure an Environment

To use the OnPoint API collection in Postman, you need an OnPoint API Key. Get a free 30-day Developer Key at the Weather Source Developer Portal.

Once you have an OnPoint API Key, store it in a Postman environment variable named onpoint_key. Follow Postman’s documentation to set up an environment with variables. The screenshot below shows a Postman environment configured with the onpoint_key variable.

Free Developer Access Levels

The free 30-day Developer Key grants access to the following requests:

  • History Postal Code
  • Forecast Postal Code
  • Nowcast Postal Code
  • Astronomy Postal Code
  • Postal Code Metadata

If you need access to other resources, increased throughput allowance, or a license for production use, please email or call (844) 813-2617.

Using the OnPoint API Collection

View full documentation for the OnPoint API at the Weather Source Developer Portal.

The OnPoint API collection groups request types in the following folders:

  • History
  • Forecast
  • Nowcast
  • Climatology
  • Astronomy
  • Location Metadata

Each request type may query by Latitude/Longitude, Postal Code, Nielsen Designated Marketing Area, or OnPoint ID. History, Forecast, Nowcast, and Climatology also have geospatial data in GeoJSON, SHP, GeoTIFF, and PNG formats.

Open a folder and select a request. This screenshot shows the History Postal Code request.

Page description (yellow) and parameter descriptions (green) provide limited documentation for the selected request. Detailed resource documentation is available at the Weather Source Developer Portal.

The request URL (red) contains variables (in addition to onpoint_key). In this example, postal_code, country, and format should be replaced with values of your choosing. By default, values are set to 22222, us, and json respectively.

Submit the request.