Getting Started with the OnPoint API

The OnPoint® API is a service of Weather Source. The majority of FORTUNE 50 companies turn to Weather Source for business intelligence weather data.

Simple to Use

Do you really care about weather stations? Most of our clients don’t. But the typical means to find weather history is to identify a weather station near a target location, hope it has data for the desired times, and then pray the data is valid. Hope and pray is not a solution.

Find weather by Latitude and Longitude or Postal Code! Our proprietary OnPoint data offers corporate quality contiguous past weather data. It is quality-checked, error-corrected, and gap-filled. We derive OnPoint data by overlaying weather station, satellite, radar, weather balloon, model and other source data to determine highly accurate, geographically and temporally continuous weather history.

There is a better way. There is better data. We are the answer to your hopes and prayers.


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Sign up now for your FREE OnPoint API developer account 30-day trial. This account provides access to U.S. and Canadian weather history by Postal Code, and is allowed for non-deployment environments.

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