GET /storms/{{storm_id}}

BETA. Beta resources may undergo minor revisions and may not have the benefit of complete documentation.


Returns metadata for a specified storm.

Requires a subscription plan with the “access_regions” capabilities to access this resource.

This resource is not available to free 30-day developer plans. However, postal code history is available. Please email or call (844) 813-2617 if you need access to this resource.

Resource URL{{api_key}}/storms.{{format}}

Resource URL Replacement Parts


Your API Key. If you do not have an API key, you may sign up for a free developer account 30-day trial.


An ATCF storm id. The expected format is the concatenation of a 2-character basin, 2-digit storm number, and 4-digit year (i.e. "SH212018"). Available storm ids can be queried via the storms resource


The desired response format. Allowed formats are:

  • json

Resource Information

API Versions v1
Rate Limited? Yes
Requires Authentication? Yes
Response Formats JSON

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