getResult(); if (!empty($deleted_user['message'])) { $error_message = 'Unknown error. The account was not deleted.'; } else { $subject = "Account Deletion for OnPoint API account"; $message = "Thank you for trying the OnPoint API. We are sorry to see you go.\r\n\r\n"; $message .= "The account with the following contact information was deleted:\r\n"; $message .= "\tUsername: {$api_user['username']}\r\n"; $message .= "\tFirst Name: {$api_user['first_name']}\r\n"; $message .= "\tLast Name: {$api_user['last_name']}\r\n"; $message .= "\tEmail: {$api_user['email']}\r\n"; $message .= "\tPhone: {$api_user['phone']}\r\n\r\n"; $message .= "If our service was not satisfactory, please let us know how we can improve by emailing us at . Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you again for trying our service.\r\n\r\n"; $headers = array(); $communication_preferences = get_option('communication_preferences'); $headers[] = 'From: '.trim($communication_preferences['from']); if (!empty($communication_preferences['bcc'])) { foreach(explode(',', $communication_preferences['bcc']) as $bcc_email) { $headers[] = 'Bcc: '.trim($bcc_email); } } $success = wp_mail( $api_user['email'], $subject, $message, $headers ); simpleSessionSet('api_user', null); simpleSessionSet('api_plan', null); wp_redirect( '/account/account-delete-confirmation' ); exit; } } ?>

Delete Account

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WARNING: This is a permanent action. Programs accessing this API via this account will immediately begin receiving error messages. Are you certain you want to do this?