Weather Source Logos

You may use Weather Source logos in conformance with the API Terms of Use.

Weather Source Logo Use Guidelines:

  1. Ensure the logo has legible contrast with it’s background.
  2. Logo artwork must not be enlarged.
  3. Logo artwork may be reduced in size, provided: (a) the proportions are constrained, (b) the image height remains at minimum 32 pixels tall, and (c) the logo’s edges remain crisp.
  4. Logo artwork may not be rotated, stretched, skewed, color-corrected, or modified in any way other than as provided above.

Download Logos

The download file above includes 5 variants of the logo (color, dark grey, 3 variants of white), all with transparent backgrounds. Examples of the files, placed on non-transparent backgrounds are below:

Color Logo Examples



Greyscale Logo Examples